Networking Tips for Authors Attending Meet & Greets

  • By Kathryn Falk

    Sierra Cartwright, Kathryn Falk and Erin Noelle

    Sierra Cartwright, Kathryn Falk and Erin Noelle

    Like any trade show, you want to engage in conversation with readers, booksellers, librarians, bloggers, other vendors and the crowd. Be sure to collect business cards and emails.

    Do not fall into the Three S’s: Sit, Smile, Sign. People will take this as you are too shy and will not approach you.

    Have a colorful banner or two. Stand by your banner and greet guests to your table with a smile!

    Have a pal or PA working the crowd too, perhaps wearing a t-shirt with your name or book on it.

    Think of the signing as a party and the opportunity to network and make new friends. Learn the ropes by interacting with as many people as you can.

    Practice what you will say at the meet and greet. For example:

    • “Hi, I’m ____ from ____. Where are you from?”
    • “I am a long time reader and some of my favorite books are …”
    • “What do you like to read/write?”
    • “I write in the ____ genre. It is my ___th book and I have an excerpt you can read.” (Show promotional flyer or card)
    • “I hope you like it. I was inspired by…”
    • “When I am not writing I am a/an (stay at home mom, nurse, insurance agent, real estate agent, etc.). How about you?”
    • “Who are your favorite writers? Are you interested in ever writing a book?”


    Oftentimes readers are overwhelmed when meeting an author. Always draw them out and they will appreciate it and you will learn more about a new reader.

    It is helpful to understand genre trends when engaging readers as you can help explain the differences to readers who may not know.

    Make a sign up sheet for your table. Once you have a reader’s email, you can add them to your newsletter later.

    As the reader leaves your table, offer some swag and/or a hug as a thank you for stopping by. You want the reader to remember you in a positive light.




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